When we make that decision to begin an online business or network marketing business, we usually begin with a great feeling of excitement. We imagine all the possibilities of our success. We find it easy to visualize what our success will look like.

Then, a few days, one week, one month later,it creeps up on us like an unwanted rash. The four letter word that can kill anyone’s dreams-FEAR.

We fear if we will really be able to be successful, we fear speaking to people on the phone, we fear, being a leader, we fear not being able to make back the money we have already spent, we fear rejection, at times, we even may fear success.

Where does this fear come from? Usually it stems from failures of the past. It is hard to forget what that failure feels like and each day it can become harder to overcome our fears and keep going. It is days like this that you must think like a child.

Think of a small child learning to walk. How many times do they fall down, but continue, even at times with a little fear, to get back up and try, try, try again. Before long, they are experts, running fearless.

You must push yourself to be like this small child. Overcome your fear, get up again and again and you will begin running fearless with success.