In one’s business there can be those times of doubt. Those times of questioning whether or not it is worth it, whether or not you are going to succeed, whether or not what you have is what people want.

Although, according to the Law of Attraction, we want to turn those thoughts of doubt around into positive thoughts and visualize what it is that we want, I think that those short times of doubt do serve a purpose.

I know that if I have any doubtful thoughts, I am then more consciously aware of what I am thinking. I make sure I spend some energy turning those thoughts around. My doubtful thoughts bring me to the visualization process and then the gratitude process. I have noticed that since I do this, my thoughts of doubt do not last at long and do not make me feel ill inside.

I now spend much more time with my positive thoughts, my visualization, and my thoughts of gratitude. This makes for a much happier me!

So, when you have those unsure thoughts, recognize them, embrace them, and then turn them around into positive ones. The effects can be life changing!