Everyone seems to have that friend that always wishes for a better life or things to go right. Do you ever catch yourself doing the same things? Maybe you might catch yourself saying “I wish…” or “Things would be better if…”. sometimes it isn’t just our friends that have low self esteem, but even ourselves too. It may not be as huge a problem as others may have but it may be there to some degree and only you know about it.
Sometimes a low self esteem or a problem you see with yourself gets in the way of doing something you like. Ever thought about going to the beach but wouldn’t because you thought of what others might say about your body? These things happen, not to just people you see with problems but to those who seem to have it together or maybe even yourself.
For most, you might not feel like this is even a problem. But having a low self esteem can bleed over into other areas of your life and potentially hold you back. It can stop you from trying new things that you might actually enjoy had you taken the next step. It might stop you from taking a step into a financial endeavor that may have netted you more money. However you look at it, your self esteem can cause you to be very conservative, sometimes too conservative.
Getting over or through these situations requires some self improvement that you can apply to one or all areas in your life you wish to change. The first step is realizing what problems you think you have. Find a close friend that you can talk to about anything. Ask him / her about all those things troubling you. Ask them for their honest opinion and be prepared for some honest criticism in return. The trick is to take their words wisely. Your initial response may be that they’re blowing things out of proportion because you don’t see yourself like that. But that’s just it, you don’t see yourself like that, others do.
Now that you see yourself as having a potential problem, how do you go about fixing it? One of the best ways is to find someone who you admire or look up to who has seemed to have gotten past the same problem or hasn’t had it. Next, use that person as a mentor. It is easier to get through something if someone else has done it before. Apply what they have done and use it in your life.
A lot of the problems people have some times is changing their beliefs. No, not religious beliefs, but the things you have grown up believing to be true. Usually a belief we have is something we believe in with such conviction you might get angry when someone tries to prove you wrong. You can use a simple technique to change a belief. Associate enough pain to the old belief, or what you wanna change, and apply the thought of overwhelming pleasure to what belief you wish to hold, or what you wish to become or be like.
Once you learn to change your beliefs and master the ability to do so, you can begin being a mentor yourself. You can help others that come to you and pass this new skill on down through your children.
For those who happen to research more on how to change all aspects of their lives from self esteem to even personal finance, there are plenty of self help books and authors that can help out. There are also a plethora of online sites that help in this field to.

I am also happy to help anyone who is looking for a mentor. I try to spend some time each day improving myself in some way. This has helped me become a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, mentor. I look forward to and strive for that betterness. You can too!