When we make that decision to begin an online business or network marketing business, we usually begin with a great feeling of excitement. We imagine all the possibilities of our success. We find it easy to visualize what our success will look like.

Then, a few days, one week, one month later,it creeps up on us like an unwanted rash. The four letter word that can kill anyone’s dreams-FEAR.

We fear if we will really be able to be successful, we fear speaking to people on the phone, we fear, being a leader, we fear not being able to make back the money we have already spent, we fear rejection, at times, we even may fear success.

Where does this fear come from? Usually it stems from failures of the past. It is hard to forget what that failure feels like and each day it can become harder to overcome our fears and keep going. It is days like this that you must think like a child.

Think of a small child learning to walk. How many times do they fall down, but continue, even at times with a little fear, to get back up and try, try, try again. Before long, they are experts, running fearless.

You must push yourself to be like this small child. Overcome your fear, get up again and again and you will begin running fearless with success.

In the rollercoaster world of online businesses, one can become very frustrated and feel like they are on a downslope at times. Sometimes things just don’t go right…leads aren’t coming in, people are buying your product, the last advertising you did was a bust…Well, we all know that this can be the case one day and be the the opposite the next.

So how do you help yourself rise up from the down slopes? You celebrate your successes! When you make a sale, gain a new customer, have a surge of leads, someone calls you to show interest, you celebrate!

How you celebrate is up to you, maybe you spend a little of the money on something nice for yourself. Maybe you treat yourself to a fancy dinner. Maybe you call someone and share. Maybe you dance in your kitchen. Or maybe you just take a long hot bath. Whatever, you do, it is important that you take note and celebrate each success in your business. Those bits of celebration are what get you through the rough times.

(Don’t celebrate too long, though, you need to make sure you get back to your consistent, persistent work.)

It won’t be long, then, before you find your down slopes aren’t so steep and you are celebrating much more often.

Just last week I happened to have the television on as I was folding some laundry. Oprah was on and had a guest, whose name I cannot recall at this time, who spoke of a startling statistic: 84% of people in this country are unhappy with their jobs. Eighty-four percent of us go to work every day to a job that does not satisfy us? How tragic. When you think about how much of one’s life one spends at work–that is a lot of time spent in unhappiness.

I can empathize as I used to be one of those people. Almost two years ago, however, I made a decision to change my life because I wanted to be happier. I deserved it and my family deserved it…because as the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.

I am so glad that I did. I now work from home, make a great income, and am able to spend the time with my family that I only dreamt about two years ago.

Now, I know that there are those that work from home that are still in that 84%. In fact, one of Oprah’s guests was one of them. If you are one, I invite you to just take a step back and look at what it is you are doing and why it is that you are not happy doing it. Then, make a change. I know I make it sound so simple, but sometimes it can be. Changes don’t have to always be difficult. And, even if it is a bit challenging to make a change…isn’t your happiness worth it?

How many times have you caught yourself thinking about “someday when I have more money”, “someday when this business helps me become wealthy”, “someday when I have enough money to buy my dream home, a new car, go on vacation…,”someday, someday, someday…

What about today? Yes, it is important to think about, feel about, and visualize what you want as I have discussed before, but make sure you are not spending all of your time thinking about what could be. Make sure you focus attention on what you have now and be grateful for it. I speak from experience when I say that life can just pass you by if you spend too much time thinking about “someday”. I have wasted precious time that could have been spent with my children thinking about what could be someday. I used to think, “If I do this now, then someday, we will be much better off financially and then I will have time to spend playing with my kids.” The problem was, I was thinking this everyday and my kids were growing up without the benefit of much playing time with mom.

Now I take my time to visualize, say my thanks for what I have and release it to the universe. I am then free to focus on today and what is in front of me–including my children.

In conclusion, don’t spend all day wishing. Your life will pass you by and then “someday” when you are old and gray, you will spend your days wishing you had not wished so much.

In one’s business there can be those times of doubt. Those times of questioning whether or not it is worth it, whether or not you are going to succeed, whether or not what you have is what people want.

Although, according to the Law of Attraction, we want to turn those thoughts of doubt around into positive thoughts and visualize what it is that we want, I think that those short times of doubt do serve a purpose.

I know that if I have any doubtful thoughts, I am then more consciously aware of what I am thinking. I make sure I spend some energy turning those thoughts around. My doubtful thoughts bring me to the visualization process and then the gratitude process. I have noticed that since I do this, my thoughts of doubt do not last at long and do not make me feel ill inside.

I now spend much more time with my positive thoughts, my visualization, and my thoughts of gratitude. This makes for a much happier me!

So, when you have those unsure thoughts, recognize them, embrace them, and then turn them around into positive ones. The effects can be life changing!

Everyone seems to have that friend that always wishes for a better life or things to go right. Do you ever catch yourself doing the same things? Maybe you might catch yourself saying “I wish…” or “Things would be better if…”. sometimes it isn’t just our friends that have low self esteem, but even ourselves too. It may not be as huge a problem as others may have but it may be there to some degree and only you know about it.
Sometimes a low self esteem or a problem you see with yourself gets in the way of doing something you like. Ever thought about going to the beach but wouldn’t because you thought of what others might say about your body? These things happen, not to just people you see with problems but to those who seem to have it together or maybe even yourself.
For most, you might not feel like this is even a problem. But having a low self esteem can bleed over into other areas of your life and potentially hold you back. It can stop you from trying new things that you might actually enjoy had you taken the next step. It might stop you from taking a step into a financial endeavor that may have netted you more money. However you look at it, your self esteem can cause you to be very conservative, sometimes too conservative.
Getting over or through these situations requires some self improvement that you can apply to one or all areas in your life you wish to change. The first step is realizing what problems you think you have. Find a close friend that you can talk to about anything. Ask him / her about all those things troubling you. Ask them for their honest opinion and be prepared for some honest criticism in return. The trick is to take their words wisely. Your initial response may be that they’re blowing things out of proportion because you don’t see yourself like that. But that’s just it, you don’t see yourself like that, others do.
Now that you see yourself as having a potential problem, how do you go about fixing it? One of the best ways is to find someone who you admire or look up to who has seemed to have gotten past the same problem or hasn’t had it. Next, use that person as a mentor. It is easier to get through something if someone else has done it before. Apply what they have done and use it in your life.
A lot of the problems people have some times is changing their beliefs. No, not religious beliefs, but the things you have grown up believing to be true. Usually a belief we have is something we believe in with such conviction you might get angry when someone tries to prove you wrong. You can use a simple technique to change a belief. Associate enough pain to the old belief, or what you wanna change, and apply the thought of overwhelming pleasure to what belief you wish to hold, or what you wish to become or be like.
Once you learn to change your beliefs and master the ability to do so, you can begin being a mentor yourself. You can help others that come to you and pass this new skill on down through your children.
For those who happen to research more on how to change all aspects of their lives from self esteem to even personal finance, there are plenty of self help books and authors that can help out. There are also a plethora of online sites that help in this field to.

I am also happy to help anyone who is looking for a mentor. I try to spend some time each day improving myself in some way. This has helped me become a better wife, mother, friend, daughter, mentor. I look forward to and strive for that betterness. You can too!

I always like to share inspirational thoughts and ideas I receive from fellow entrepreneurs. I recently received an email from a colleague and decided before I was finished reading it that I needed to add some of its ideas to my blog because it really portrayed my own thoughts and feelings as well. I also thought it was so important that any of my blog readers have the priveledge to read it and reflect upon it; so here it is with mixed with some of my own personal thoughts:

Don’t let any one fool you…being an entrepreneur is not an easy
task (at first). Being an entrepreneur takes a certain kind of
quality which I like to refer to as “Inner Game”.

YOur Inner Game is your will inside that keeps you going. That keeps you believing that success is yours.

You see, if your Inner Game isn’t in order…you are probably not
going to be able to overcome the difficult obstacles EVERYONE faces
when starting their own business.

It’s almost like you need to have this BULLISH mentality, of
charging through any and all adversity, like NOTHING will ever stop
you from achieving your goal. NOTHING!

When that is your mentality, you can dive into
entrepreneurship head first and just plow through obstacles to find

Nobody knows everything. Do you think Bill Gates knew how to make
$40 billion dollars when he started Microsoft?

It just doesn’t work that way. If you are sitting around thinking
“I need to know everything before I start a business” you have
entrepreneurship completely backwards and you will never get started.

Being an entrepreneur is KNOWING you are able to be an entrepreneur.
And the rest just follows. The marketing, the data, the details
about businesses; all that stuff is SECOND to whether or not you
believe in yourself enough to make it all happen.

You have to KNOW yourself, and TRUST
yourself that you can do what you set your mind to.

Just trust yourself.


The information will follow, the
people to help get you there will follow, the teachings will follow,
but none of it will follow…unless you trust yourself.

There’s a second side to this coin. You have to trust your
intuition. If you feel like you aren’t ready to build a business,
then DON’T force it.

Take some time to build your confidence, to build your value, and
build your belief level in yourself. Take the time you need to grow
as a person. Because when you do that, you are truly ready to
declare “I Want Financia’l Freedom” and have the right internal
framework to go get it.

Now don’t use that as an excuse to be lazy! If that is your way of
putting off taking action, you are DOUBLE lying to yourself. All I
am saying, is know where you are at in life, honor that position,
and trust that you are guiding yourself in the best direction.

Don’t ever be afraid to seek information, and ask questions either!
You will be amazed at how the universe responds when you put
yourself out there. Just trust.

I am going to share a quote with you before I go today.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole
staircase, just take the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King

When one is used to being in the corporate world, they are used to having a set schedule and deadlines as to when certain tasks need to be completed I know as a teacher, my schedule was run by the ringing of a bell. I knew what I needed to get completed in that 45 minute period.

When one leaves that environment, it can be difficult to adjust to no bells, no time clocks, no boss telling you when to do certain tasks. I know when I first began working at home, I went from not spending any time working on my business to spending too much time in front of my computer instead of balancing my time with my family (The reason I was working from home in the first place) I knew I had to change something and that something was to create a schedule for myself.

Creating a schedule has multiple benefits:

*It forces you to treat your business as a business, not as a hobby.
*It helps you see what you are really spending your time on when you are working.
*It creates a high efficiency when you are working–it keeps you on task
*It helps you balance your time between family and business.(Perhaps the most important)

How do you create a schedule?

That depends much on you.

You will first need to figure out how much time you need to spend on your business each day. Then you can figure out how you are going to schedule that time.

Are you an early riser? Can you do a lot or all of your work before the family gets up in the morning? What time can you start? What time will you be done?

Are you a night owl? Maybe you can get a lot or all of your work done after the family is asleep.

During the day if you are at home with children, you may have to work during nap time. Is nap time enough time? Will you have to find more time during the day?

If you have children who are a bit older and can entertain themselves for a bit, I recommend a timer. I usually set it for 30 minutes and sit down and work during that time. while my children are playing in a nearby area (so I can keep my eye on them!) When the timer goes off, my children know that they have my undivided attention for the next 30 minutes. I may repeat this a few times during the day. This really helps me make sure I am not overly-focused on my work.

For some of you, it may be a combination of all of these things. When you know how long you need to work and when you can work, write it down what you need to get accomplished during that time. Personally, I make a list of “Things to do” each day for the following day and as I have time to work and I complete tasks, I check them off my list. It may even help you to jot down next to each task, how long it will take you to complete it.

Each person’s schedule will be different and you may have to tweak it to make it fit for you. Of course, there will be those days when things need to be adjusted due to a doctor’s appointment or an unexpected visit, but for the most part, you should be able to stick to your scheduled work times.

You are now your own boss–so act like the boss, make a schedule, and get to work!

Those of you that know me, know that I am one of the “believers” of The Secret. Some of you may also be a believer, some of you may not, and there may even be a few of you who have yet to hear of it. If you are one of the latter, you can take a look here.

Now, for those of you who are believers, I have an important question for you: Do you visualize? Do you take time each day to really see in your mind the things you want? And then, do you feel the feelings that are associated with that? You should be feeling pure joy when you are visualizing.

Joe Vitale tells us that visualizing should not be a chore for us, but something that we get excited about doing. I agree. A chore is typically something that does not bring us joy and that feeling of joy is what we want. Visualizing should bring you such excitement because you can see for yourself anything in the world!

I try to take time each day to visualize because I know of its importance. Since I have been doing this, my life has really made a turn for the better. My successes seem to come much more quickly and easily. To help myself, I have made a vision board and written what I want on pieces of paper and I read/look at them daily as well. Every time I think of something else I want, it goes on my vision board, I visualize it, have the feelings of having it, and then have the unwaivering faith that it will be mine.

So go ahead, close your eyes right now and begin to visualize what you want.  A new car–feel yourself driving it!  A new home–feel yourself cooking in your beautiful new kitchen or making your bed in your new master bedroom.  Taking a great vacation–feel yourself laying on the beach with the warm breezes blowing over you or feel yourself taking pictures of the architecture you have wanted to see all your life.

When you visualize…you materialize!

Will this work for you–YES, but first you have to do it and then you have to believe that it will work for you.

To help with your visualization, here is a visualization tool for you Visualization Tool

You have finally decided to start your own business at home. Great! But you don’t really know what to do to succeed. What you need is a coach, a mentor who will teach you the ropes and answer your questions. But how do you find good one?

First, you need to know just what a mentor is. A mentor is someone who coaches you and guides you. Teaches you how to set up and run your business. He or she doesn’t do it for you but gives you direction in how to do it yourself. Your mentor will be there to answer your questions and give you feedback. A good mentor makes a good leader of those he or she helps.

The right mentor will be someone in the same kind of business you are in. If you have joined a particular network marketing company, someone who has been in that same company for a while, is successful and a good leader is the kind of mentor you want. This could be your sponsor but don’t assume that it will be. Your sponsor might only have been in the company a few months longer than you and still learning.

A good mentor will help you know how and where to market. Rather than just tell you to go to forums, etc., He or she will help you find the best forums and give you advice on how and what to post. Your mentor will also give you guidance in every aspect of advertising, letting you know what works and, more important, what doesn’t work. You will learn from your mentor’s experience and it is a good idea to follow his or her advice. This can make the difference between earning an income within a short time and spending more than you make for a long period of time.

You could go it on your own if you chose and find your own way in the business. You could learn from your own trial and error. But that could get very expensive very fast. Without the experience of another to learn from, you could make mistakes that could cost you more the money, too. You could get reported as a spammer, for instance, if you buy leads from a disreputable source. Such leads could have been collected unethically or be so old that the people you contact don’t even remember signing up for anything. You could get scammed trying to buy traffic or spend a lot of money on advertising in the wrong places. These are all things you want to avoid as well as many others.

So a good mentor is the way to go. What is the best way to be in contact with your mentor? Well, a lot will depend on your mentor, of course. Phone and/or instant messenger contact could be set up on a daily or weekly basis, depending on what works best for your and your mentor. These would be pre-arranged times. In between, email would be used to ask questions that come up or notify your mentor you need to talk about something that can’t wait until the next regular phone or instant messenger conference. There should be some flexibility but it is not good to occupy all of your mentor’s time. Neither of you would get much accomplished that way. Too little contact isn’t helpful, either, as your questions will need to be answered, so email is a good way to maintain regular contact along with instant messenger and phone contact.

Once you find the right mentor, you will see a difference in how well you run your business and how confident you feel that you will succeed.

I am so thankful that I found a good mentor, one whose main goal is to help me succeed. I am happy to be learning much from him and following in his footsteps of being a great mentor.

One final note, and perhaps the most important. Your mentor should be focused on YOUR success. Because your success brings their success.

Demand Success! You Deserve It!